About: LetsTalkCancer

LetsTalkCancer is a blog about a young woman fighting stage 4 cancer and learning to live with it. It is about the bitter sweet experiences that take place due to the sudden change in life and how one copes with them.

The blog is targeted to non cancer humans to give them a sneak peak into a warrior’s life and tell them that it doesn’t have to be all bad. The larger idea is to aid in creating an emotional support group for warriors in a country like India, where qualitative treatment is minimal.

Cancer can be scary but the attitude towards it does not have to be. It is a terrifying universe to live in, but it can be made sustainable with the right support. All it needs is brave little steps from patients to talk  about their stories, support groups to be a little stronger to listen to their intense tales and a sensitive environment of aware individuals who are mindful of their thoughts and actions around warriors.

All we need to do is work together to deal with the morbidity of this disease in the most positive and celebratory way possible. That’s how a warrior will want to treat it.

LetTalkCancer is all about initiating a support in this direction and I would love to help write on topics that non cancer humans find most disturbing about the subject while helping them deal with this better.

The blog will cover the following areas of thought:

  • Snippets and incidents from treatment and how cancer changes life
  • Thoughts and emotions behind the journey
  • Book reviews related to cancer, strength and positivity
  • Thoughts on how to be a strong support to a warrior

However, the idea is to equip you best. So please do share your topic requests too.

LetsTalkCancer will keep evolving.

25 thoughts on “About: LetsTalkCancer

  1. Time is shortening. But every day the you challenge this cancer and survive.I see that as a victory for you.

    Cancer is so limited. What it cannot do is it can’t criple love faith peace and it cannot silence courage and your are an example and it cannot criple inspiration as I’m inspired by you.

    So don’t give up ….you have to fight some bad days of your life to earn some good days.God bless you my love.

    From Gul Rajput.

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  2. hello,
    My best wishes for you.
    Doctors generally talk on cure part of cancer, however don’t talk on the cause/prevention.
    Cancer is caused by environmental factors. Pesticides in our food is one big reason to cause cancer.

    If I have funds, i can post solution to pesticides which is going to solve cancer.


  3. Wow, your blog is so honest and real. I admire your strength and willingness to share this experience. I am sure that others will keep strong because of you and your words.

    So much love,

    Ivy xx


  4. Dearest Braveheart.

    Salute you..
    Remember the Strength Switch is You.
    You are giving strength to so many who read your blog.
    And your Cape…
    I see a Red no a Crimson one …I don’t see any fragile tissue but a tensile fabric Cape.
    You definitely will be on top of the next mountain.I can see it.
    Bless you
    Leena Aunty


  5. I do not know whether to appreciate the way you express yourself more, or what you actually manage to convey without using any words. Stay strong. Stay Blessed


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