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Cancer Warriors

Warriors are not always the fastest or strongest people. Warriors are those who stand between their enemy and all that they love and hold sacred.

We are all warriors against cancer.

Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. Cancer… scary word. No matter how many times you say it, you can’t befriend it. Cancer is that mysterious subject that we hardly know anything about. Except vague associations like chemotherapy, baldness and death… and some cases of survival. It has such a bad image given that it is passionately followed by Lord Yama, so dissociation is a natural course of action. Unless one is forced into circumstances that don’t give them a choice, why would one leisurely learn about this omen of death?

I didn’t know anything about cancer until it was slapped into me one fine day during my sense of self discovery. Cancer was this ugly slug residing at the bottom of an ocean bed that one could look at from above, protected by a body of water; we’ve all watched it randomly jump out and take someone for itself, but for me it lived in the abyss. I was far removed from this ugly slug with my belief that it would only take other people; never me or my family. That’s when the universe decided to humble me by flinging me into that abyss and even after a year and a half of choking and throttling, I am aggressively trying to swim upwards to pierce through the water for a gulp of fresh air… and I know I will get there eventually.

However, during this journey towards the surface of water, I learnt to live with my cancer too.  And that learning is the inspiration for this blog. The truth is that my cancer hasn’t been all bad. It’s been an odyssey of finding love, forgiving, healing, discovering myself, losing the people I don’t need, finding God and so much more. All these beautiful things came into my life only because of cancer. Cancer made me strong.  It taught me about accepting the changes that come in life and learn to live with them happily. It made me realize that happiness is my choice and taking back control of life is my decision. Cancer is only a state of mind.  I am confident that each cancer warrior has been faced with this choice and will have beautiful narratives to share on their decision on how to live with their slug.

See, a warrior can choose to live like a victim, be a patient on his bed and nobody would force him to do anything otherwise. That’s because his support group doesn’t know what he is feeling and will therefore let them be. A warrior has everybody’s unadulterated sympathy; hence he has to become his own motivator. Whether it is getting out of bed, talking, smiling, maintaining a routine or trying to not be envious of non cancerous humans. Every step is their war cry because a warrior holds his quality of life sacred and will fight for it. Cancer wins the day it beats a warrior mentally and he surrenders, but till he continue to treat it like a common cold and live life the way he wants, he is winning. The disease is scary, but our attitude towards it doesn’t have to be. Cancer can coexist with our normal life. It isn’t the end of the world and a warrior won’t let the thought of it tie a noose around his neck.

This brings me to my rationale behind this blog. You. You know somebody who has fought cancer; you may at some point be a support group to a diagnosed warrior. And you may not be prepared for it. Because nothing can prepare you for the intensity of emotions; neither yours nor theirs. Survival will happen. But the word cancer is so scary that we forget to focus on the happy moments and normal life that we live while with it. Your perception and reaction on cancer creates a domino effect to the supportive ecosystem. Don’t feed your fears to a warrior, don’t sympathise. Help them celebrate their life just the way you are celebrating your own. After all, it is the life in one’s years that count, not just the years in one’s life.



Sonia Boury is a twenty seven year old lady from India. She is a strong, independent individual brought up in a family that encourages her to voice her opinions and live with empowerment. She loves to talk [hence made a career in communication], meet people, try new cuisines, read books, travel and loves animals. She is madly in love with her family and is a little obsessed with her mom. Slightly rebellious and hot headed, Sonia's personality helps her survive the corporate world of Public Relations and Digital Media. It is also currently helping her deal with cancer and fight it every single day. Since her diagnosis in 2014, her life priorities have changed from trying to win the rat race to win at life itself. However the objective now is to use her skills to spread support for cancer warriors and create a qualitative support environment for them. Life has been topsy turvy since sometime and she is in the process of rediscovering herself. Does Cancer now define her? Maybe not, but it seems to have brought a sense of clarity into her life which she is currently trying to apprehend. Blogging is helping with that. Life isn't perfect and nor is she.. But hope you enjoy reading what she has to say.

38 thoughts on “Cancer Warriors

  1. You have expressed yourself and many others in the most beautiful way.
    I have heard TRUE stories and have witnessed a few fighting and fighting hard a battle that no one wants to be a part of. But hey this battle is not a choice! You are just thrown into the battlefield and either you fight or give up.
    None of us know the length of our lives. We all have our own little battles to fight but cancer patients in my eyes are ONE of the biggest and strongest WARRIORS .The ones who fight the fight with a brave heart strangely are not patients anymore!
    They are TEACHERS. They teach us how to live larger then life,to the fullest.To appreciate and to make a difference.
    Sending love and prayers to a GREAT WARRIOR

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  2. Your blog is truly inspiring. As a close friend of your father albeit based out of Delhi I am aware of the troubles you have gone through at such a young age. The fact that you have taken them head on is a true reflection of the kind of person you are. God bless.

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  3. You are truly very inspiring and a true warrior in the real sense.We may have not met or seen each other,yet, when I read what you wrote,it brought me closest to your journey in facing this situation. Truly an inspiration.God bless you.

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  4. In the suffering to see the joy of life is possible only to the strongest.You are a true inspiration and I really appreciate your feeling to spread this message and helping all of us to understand life better. God Bless You Dear.


  5. [14/02 3:26 am] Sandeep Bulgannawar: At the outset, 👏👏👏👏👏👏 !!!
    This itself is VICTORY over a challenge !!!
    Today, a man/woman in their race to compete & keep up with the Jones, forgets to understand that we are just travellers on this earth 🌍 ! NOTHING is OURS ! We are here today, gone tomorrow ! So, one should not be SCARED of ANYTHING ! And I mean, ANYTHING – loss of money, loss of a flight/bus/Train, loss of friends, loss in business, loss of relationships, loss of wealth & HEALTH !!!
    Surprised when I said HEALTH ??? Hahahahahahaha ! EVERY life form is DEFECTIVE ! Exactly ! So, why WORRY ??? Worrying we only make matters WORSE. We always forget to recall the wisdom of our forefathers. And, one of there gems 💎 is,”JO DARR GAYA, SAMJHO MARR GAYA” !!! I’m a diabetic myself. It’s another form of Cancer. Either I GRIN & BEAR it, or, take a plunge 6 feet underground !!! 😝😝😝.
    It’s then we begin to see LIFE in real perspective. One’s life doesn’t go ONLY up. It goes down too,in the form of wealth or health. It’s then,that one realises to APPRECIATE life, respect one another, love one another, help one another, care for one another & share your – thoughts/wealth/health with one another. PRAY for one another !!! (it’s 3.00am now. Will continue this tomorrow if God my LORD minds it since every breath is provided by HIM !!!)…… to be continued.
    [14/02 12:57 pm] Sandeep Bulgannawar: …….continued.
    GOOD MORNING dear daughter 💋!!!
    Hope, these small outbursts of mine could also open the windows of my heart & mind to you ! (like your blog did to me).
    Another lovely thing that has happened to people like you & me,is that, God choose us to remind us of the the short lifespan that we have, and that WE SHOULD make the most of it !!! And so, if you now look around, you will see how crazily & foolishly people pursue material things, as if they are going to carry it along with them to the grave !!! They are soooo busy doing all this, that you just can’t help noticing that they are moving around so mechanically !!! They ALL look like robots !!! Absolutely no trace of humanitarian traits I’m them.
    So, now, WE must always thank God, our Lord, for his forewarning !!!
    Now, once we SINCERELY appreciate & acknowledge his MIRACULOUS WAYS of informing us, DON’T ever doubt HIS POWER TO CURE us !!!
    AMEN !!!


  6. There seems to be certain words that have crept in wrongly.
    Please read these lines as given below :-
    1) And, one of THEIR gems 💎 is,
    2) Absolutely no trace of humanitarian traits IN them.


  7. Please Note :-
    When I say, “life is short”, it DOESN’T MEAN THAT, life is short ONLY for people with lack of health or wealth issues !!!
    Hence I call it “SHORT”. ANYONE’S life could be recalled at ANY MOMENT by GOD, IRRESPECTIVE of age.
    So, God has spared people like us of a sudden surprise (sudden death) by opening our mind !!!
    Now, I’m leading my life “KING SIZE”!!!


  8. The postivity n serenity ,that you have conveyed will help many warriors n their loved ones.My prayers for you and all the others , who will be motivated to defeat cancer and protect all that they love.Live n celebrate life, n keep motivating others to do the same.

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  9. Thank you for sharing. We have never met but have heard much about you. You have given me a precious insight into being supportive. God bless ! Will keep you in our prayers. Sarah


  10. I am beyond belief how eloquently you have written this. And yet the emotional aspect of cancer is so clear. You are such a strong positive force and yes a warrior indeed!


      1. It’s not enough to write well you evoke emotions and that what counts. There is so much honesty in what you have written. 🙂


  11. I have read your blog over and over, it just makes me so proud to know someone like you, the way you have introduced yourself in this first blog shows what a #CancerWarrior truly is..Keep it up 🙂


  12. You have chosen such a life affirming attitude. It is a difficult thing to do, but the best thing anyone can do, none of us wants to look back and see we spent the time we had in this life worrying about what comes next.


    1. Absolutely. Thank you for reading my blog and I really appreciate your thoughts. You are so brave and motivating and I am eager to read all your posts. It helps me with my my own treatment when I can connect with others learn about their experiences too. We don’t much of this support in India unfortunately.

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      1. Keep writing, keep connecting, in real life too, you will find your own network of supporters and meet some amazing people you never would have known if cancer hadn’t touched your life. Kia Kaha (stand strong).


  13. You are a true warrior, acceptance of a situation is very difficult. To accept and fight makes you a true inspiration to all of us. Chasing fame etc , is not a priority, life is ….to make life a quality not quantity is what you have taught us. Thank you for not giving up.


  14. Be Blessed ,,Every one has the return ticket with out knowing the date , you also don’t know . Take care , be strong increase your spiritual energy .do yoga. increase inner peace ,,watch your breath. Take fruits and vegetable ,honey.


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